Thank you for your interest in my practice and visiting my site.

I am a San Francisco school of Massage and bodywork alumni (2012). In 2013 I was certified by Marty Morales Rolfer(tm) the founder of The Morales Method ™of manual therapy as a Morales Method(tm) Core Integration Therapist (MMCIT).

I have also worked in a clinical setting for over five years in two of San Francisco’s top sports medicine clinics as a clinical massage therapist and strength rehabilitation therapist.

In the same time period, I became a certified personal trainer (CPT) and began building a client base for my private practice.

In addition to my clinical experience I have trained and studied multiple martial arts and contemporary dance art forms for over twelve years.

With my clinical experience and knowledge of movement, I am able to customize each of my sessions to specificity address what each client needs as an individual.

Please contact me for any addition information.
Best regards,
Brandon Agawa

Phone:  (415) 275-0119